Case Study - Accounting


Pat, a professional engineering consultant, found hinmself spendng a lot of his time managing administrative duties.

This was eating into his time spent on designing and stamping engineered drawings and following upon business development leads.

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With AdvisorCRM, all of Pat's office management issues were resolved. He now had a soluton at his fingertips. All he had to do was login to and he had in fromt of him a full client managment database system complete with client, lead and prospect data, automated work flow processes, campaigns, billing and invoicing, and report generation.

Pat was impresed that AdvisorCRM is a smart software that can automate workflow processes including campaigns and scheduling.

With AdvisorCRM templating, Pat could easily configure his email and social media campaigns to fit his specific engineering market.

AdvisorCRM accounting and tax filing modules allowed Pat to review his company's financial statements and balance sheets with the click of a mouse, ensuring that Pat kept abreast daily of his companys bottom line.

Pat had an all in one customized "personal advisor" streamlining all his day to day management duties. Pat could spend more time procuring business and producing a higher quality product.